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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DAY 233

DAY 233 pupdate on Tugg: Today, Tugg found out that he just might have a relative out there in the world, and like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, he has a... sister. At least we think there is a very real chance it is his sister. As such we are going to operate under the assumption that it is indeed his sister. Tell you what, tell us if you think it could be his sister...
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I found out today that I might have a sister! She was turned in to a local shelter because her family couldn't care for her any more. The shelter called us. Why do I think she could be my sister? there are a couple of reasons: She is about the same age as me! And there can't have been that many litters of bull terriers born around here at the same time a year ago. Also, the family that turned her in said they have been battling Demodex for about six months in her. That is the same thing I had so bad!

The bestest vet place in the world, the Animal Hospital of Southwest Fort Worth — where my favorite vets Dr. Morris and Dr. Lindsey happen to be — said they will examine and set out a plan of action to get my sister all better! Aren't they just super spectacular!? I wuff them so much! If you get the chance, go on their page and tell them how great of a job they do, caring for and wuffing and the animals in their care, please! Anyway, Dr. Morris said to bring my sister in Friday so he can have a look at her. He also said he is going to do a checkup on me! And, the great thing is mommy and daddy brought her home today, and while she's getting better, she is going to be living here!

My sister doesn't have demodex as bad as I did, but she still has it, and has lost a lot of hair. When her hair does come back in, she'll have a big brindle spot all around her left eye, and will probably have a little brindle spot over her right eye. Mommy and daddy said that we might get to do some obedience work together, since she is smart and sits pretty good on her own already!

Another reason I think she could be my sister is because our noses are so much alike! Our profiles are pretty similar too! I am so glad that we are going to get to help my sister get all better! When she does feel better in a little while, I'll have to make sure she comes to the LEASH meetings, then whether she stays living with us, or is adopted into a great forever home, she can still come to the meetings! Now, all I have to do is help mommy and daddy find a really great name for her!