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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DAY 905

DAY 905 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg and Ajaxx carried around their lists of New Year's resolutions everywhere they went today. Tugg was walking through the house and we heard him stop, make a mark on the paper in his paws and say, "CHECK! pawesome!" A little while later we heard Ajaxx outside, wearing a sweat band and getting ready to go for a jog. He stopped, pulled out his paper, made a check mark and said, "Pawesome! That's a check for that one, eh!"
A little later in the day, Tugg walked in to where we were and said, "This New Year's resolution stuff is pretty easy! I wuff how we made a list of things we want to accomplish, and we've already managed to check off almost everything! Isn't that pawesome?!"
Ajaxx, who was on the couch in his usual position with all four feet in the air, opened one eye and said, "Hey! I'm trying to get in my late afternoon nap here, eh! If I get this one and check it off, I will have all of my resolutions done before you! So, you have to be quiet, eh!"
Tugg took out his list, looked down it, tapped it with his pencil and said, "Would you look at that! There is a last minute addition on my list of resolutions! It says here that I am supposed to hold band practice during the late afternoon nap time! That wouldn't be good for sleeping, so I think I'll just practice the drums!"
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I've already done a whole lot of my New Year's resolutions! How many of yours have you done? Don't you just wuff New Year's!? I think New Year's is pawesome because it makes you set goals, and then you can see yourself make those goals! I've got some pretty big goals too, but I'll tell you more about them later! I wuff you! What are some of your goals!? You can do it! You can make your goals!