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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DAY 323

DAY 323 pupdate on Tugg: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY (in the U.S.)! Tugg spent most of the day doing things that memorial day was meant for — he remembered those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the liberties we now have. He went to the local cemetery and placed little American flags on all the graves of all the vets, and he stopped at a soldiers' memorial on the way home — where he hung his head...
3 photos today.

Since this is Memorial Day, I wanted to take a minute and remind everyone why we get to have cook outs and bar-b-que, and why those stores get to have extra sales... It's because there are many all over the world who have died so that we can be free. We must never forget them! AND, since we have many men and women serving in our armed forces today, willing to make that same sacrifice if needed, I started OSS (Operation: Support a Soldier)! What is it? Well, let my little friend here, Super TOAST (Tugg-on-a-stick-terrier) explain...

Well, it looks like Super TOAST is going to be shy, so I'll tell you about OSS! I make a Super TOAST that will go in a package with a letter explaining him, along with a couple of blank greeting cards so the soldier can write home. So, how do I know who to send it to? That's the easy part. You just e-mail me (my e-mail address is tugg@didyaq.com) with the name and address of the service member you would like to receive it, and I'll do everything else! It's that easy! You support the soldier, and I send them a couple of cool things that might make things a little easier and nicer for them!

And, if either of the two soldiers that I have adopted — how cool is it that I got to adopt someone too!? — or any other soldier or member of the armed forces is reading this, THANK YOU! we remember you too today, while we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice!