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Monday, November 7, 2011

DAY 482-484

OK, I missed a couple of days, so I'm going to put a few of them here in one post!

DAY 482 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg woke early this morning, because he knew he had a big day at Cowboys Stadium today where he was going to receive the American Kennel Club Award for Canine Excellence — the local presentation. So, he woke up early and made breakfast for everyone in the house. Just about every one had one of his breakfast burritos. Tugg said, "I wanted to make sure everybody could eat them, so it is scrambled eggs, some pumpkin, crumbled hamburger, carrots, cheese and sprinkles."
1 video today.

Here is a video from today's award presentation. I thought you might all like to see it! To everyone who was there, THANK YOU for coming out to see me today!

Local AKC ACE Award presentation

DAY 483 on Tugg: 
Tugg was flipping across movie channels today, and settled in to watching a little bit of Gone With the Wind. At one point he heard one of the characters say, "I do declare." Then, he saw part of the Grapes of Wrath, and again, a character said, "I do declare." Finally, when he was watching James and the Giant Peach, he heard, "I do declare" again. So he started walking around the house saying, "I do declare" either before or after everything he said. When Ajaxx heard Tugg saying that, he looked over at him and said, "What a great idea! I'll do a eclair too! Where are they?"
4 photos today.

Yesterday, I went to Rally Days at Cowboys Stadium, where I received the local presentation of the AKC ACE award! If you haven't seen the video of that, scroll down and have a look. BUT, while I was there, I also saw a lot of friends and met a lot of new friends! This is one of my friends, Vikie, who met us outside before going in! Vikie helps lots of border collies and other dogs in need too! I wuff seeing all my friends!

In addition to me getting the American Kennel Club Award of Canine Excellence. there were some former Dallas Cowboys players who were being inducted into the Ring of Honor at Cowboys Stadium! Here I am with Larry Allen! When he played for the Cowboys, he wore #73 and has been rated in the top 100 players of all time by NFL films!

Then, while I was at Cowboys Stadium, I also sat in with former players, like "Big Cat" Leon Lett — he's on the left as you look at the photo — who was also inducted into the Ring of Honor, AND Billy Joe Dupree, who played Tight End for the Dallas Cowboys. To this day, he still holds the Cowboys record for touch downs by a tight ends with 41! That's a lot!

I had a great time at the Stadium meeting everyone, but I think I might have made a teeny tiny miscalculation... You see, late last night, I wanted to go back in time and watch me getting my AKC ACE award, and didn't want to just look at the video. So, I used my time machine and I did. BUT, when I came back, somehow, I knocked the whole time clock off its axis by about an hour! Some how I made time GO BACK an hour — almost EVERYWHERE! So, until I can figure out how to fix that, all I can do is say I'm sorry, and I'll work on getting that hour back!

DAY 484 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg and Ajaxx watched the weatherman on the news, and he said it was going to rain today. So, Tugg dressed Ajaxx in a raincoat, rain hat and four different colored rain boots, and told him to stand out in the yard and wait until it started to rain. At lunchtime, Ajaxx came in and had lunch and asked Tugg how long he had to stand out there. Tugg told him to go back out after lunch — which Ajaxx did. After a few more hours, Ajaxx came in, took off all the rain gear and went to his bed. "If it ever starts raining, you can wake me up. Until then, I'm taking a nap!"
6 photos today.

Here are some more photos from my Rally Days at Cowboys Stadium I got to meet and play with a lot of people puppies! I was really glad they came out to see me!

When people puppies come out to the stadium they always rush right over to where I'm at so they can visit with me! I wuff that! Especially when they have cookies or something for me!

Sometimes I even get to give and get kisses and hugs — especially from people puppies! I wuff those mostest!

One of the most fun things is when I get to tell my story, and the people puppies think it's cool! Then they want to pose for a photo with me, so they can have a neat memory from their day at Cowboys Stadium! I think that's pawesome!

They had a martial arts demonstration at Cowboys Stadium during Rally Days on Saturday! I even got to give one of the people puppies who did karate a Tugg kiss! He really liked it! So, not only were there Dallas Cowboys players who were inducted into the Ring of Honor, but there were Martial arts demonstrations, I received teh American Kennel ClubAward of Canine Excellence and I gave out lots of my magazine, Texas Cats & Dogs Magazine! I'll alos tell you a secret, after my day at the stadium, I went to Nicky D's Crowley for one of the best burgers anywhere! I wonder if Dali Wall Decals could make a life-size wall decal of me in my Cowboys jersey? Wouldn't that be cool!?

I even gave some pawtographs while I was there! I signed 15 pawtograph books and 5 footballs! Maybe those will be really collectible one day — since those are the only footballs I've ever signed! I'll have some more photos tomorrow! OH, and I just want to point out one thing... EVERY TIME I'VE BEEN AT Cowboys Stadium THIS YEAR, THE Dallas Cowboys HAVE WON! I think I'm a good luck charm! Maybe they should bring me to the away games too!