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Friday, June 3, 2011

DAY 327

DAY 327 pupdate on Tugg: Tugg was hanging out in the studio today, and we thought he was working on a special art project he said he was going to work on. When we saw the big flash of light and heard the thunder clap, we knew differently. Tugg said he got his time machine to finally work. Shimmi said he really just went to Miami and back — but didn't travel in time.
3 photos today.

I think I finally got my time machine to work! It turns out, all I was missing was two string switches — one for superstring and one for bosonic — to control the rear deflector array, and about three rolls of electrical tape and some shrink wrap to hold it together. Then, under the keyboard, I installed and emergency dampener button, just in case inverse tachyon particles tried to interfere with the normal tachyon field emitted by the time machine. My biggest problem was coming up with a workable quantum theory of gravity... but enough about what I had to fix it — I MADE A TRIP THROUGH TIME! Where did I go? 1957! What did I bring back to prove it? PINK FLAMINGOS!

How do I know I went to 1957?! Because that's when the pink flamingo yard art was invented! It was invented by a cool guy named Don Featherstone! I think, by his name, he was destined to create pink flamingo yard art! Aren't the ones I brought back really cool!?

I just didn't realize how PINK, as in ultra-hot-pink, flamingos were until I was there and saw them on the lawn! Know, I didn't get to meet Don Featherstone, he wasn't there. The receptionist looked at me funny when I asked for him. Then I went outside, and saw something really cool, there was this lowrider going by, and then one of those new Camaros... I wonder if I should go back in time again and take them back. That doorman at the hotel started calling someone on his cell phone when I borrowed them from their front garden!

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