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Friday, June 10, 2011

DAY 334

DAY 334 pupdate on Tugg: Tugg was in the workshop out back, tinkering with his Time Machine, when we saw a big flash of blue light, followed by a muffled POOF sound, and a little smoke. We then saw Tugg run in, stop, give us a funny look and head out the front door. A few seconds later, we saw Tugg run in through the back door again, and ask for a green balloon and a piece of Zinc wire...
1 photo today.

I wanted to pose in my new red cape out by the light pole. I forgot I left my time machine running, and it really drained down the charge from the solar array. But, that's not the strange thing! When I looked at the photos that were taken of me, this is what I saw. On the left is me posing in my new red cape. On the right, that looks like me, and that looks like my light pole and fence, BUT I don't have a BLACK cape, and I certainly don't wear a mask! Who is that dog!? Why does he look like me!? Why is he wearing a mask and a black cape in my yard!? Why didn't I see him there!?

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