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Friday, October 21, 2011

DAY 462

DAY 462 pupdate on Tugg:

We heard Tugg and Ajaxx talking in the studio today. Then we heard what sounded like writing on the dry erase board. We peeked in and saw Tugg drawing some equations on the board and Ajaxx drawing the same equations on a piece of paper. Ajaxx looked at Tugg and said, "So, let me get this straight — In Quantum Physics, particles move backward as well as forward in time and appear in all possible places at once, and the universe is splitting, every Planck-time (10 E-43 seconds) into billions of parallel universes? Can't we then find one of those dimensions?"
"I already have," Tugg answered. "Here, let me show you..."
2 photos today.

Yesterday I said I wanted to make a prediction, but didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Well, I decided that since the two teams are playing tonight, I would go ahead and tell you my prediction — since I think they will win tonight and clinch it! Yep, you guessed it, I think it's going to be The Rangers and the Cardinals in the World Series!

I kind of guessed that it would be the Cards and the Rangers! Besides, these are the only two baseball team caps I have! When they do start playing the World Series, it will be fun to watch... BUT I'll be cheering for both teams! (You guessed it, at my house we have fans of both of these teams!)

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