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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DAY 472

DAY 472 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg, along with all the other dogs in the house, decorated the front yard to go with "Tugg's Haunted House" and the Zombie shoot-em-up in the back yard. So, now, 1/2 of the front yard is a grave yard, complete with real granite grave stones with dates from the 1200's-1700's carved into them. The other half resembles a set from a cross between the Wolfman and Dracula.
5 photos today.

We were cleaning up in the back yard today, so that our "zombies" don't trip over anything when they are walking around being shot at with paintball guns in the Zombie Shoot-'em-up. All of a sudden there was a stick monster attack! I grabbed one of the leaders of the stick monster attack immediately and barked over to Ajaxx to be on the look out!

Ajaxx spotted another big stick monster, and went in for the counter attack to cut it off from the others! It was a good move!

I rushed over to help Ajaxx out, since I had already turned the stick monster I had captured into sawdust and toothpicks!

We both went to work on that evil stick monster right away! When the others saw we had dispatched the leader of the stick monster attackers and their second in command, all the other stick monsters high-tailed it out of there!

Ajaxx is getting pretty good at handling stick monsters. Next time, I won't even have to help him out when he takes one out! You know, we probably should have thought about putting stick monsters in the haunted house. They are some of the scariest things around — well, they are scary to a lot of other pups! Me, I just take them out!

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