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Monday, October 31, 2011

DAY 476

DAY 476 pupdate on Tugg: 
Since last night was the last night of the Haunted House, Tugg and Ajaxx and everyone spent a majority of the day cleaning up inside the house and in the back yard. Since Halloween isn't until tomorrow, he wanted to leave the front yard decorated so the Trick-or-Treaters tomorrow could see it. "You know, so they might think twice about tricking, and concentrate on treating..."
3 photos today.

Today, I also worked hard on getting my firefighter's calendar finished! I think it looks pretty good! This is one of the shots that made it in there, but there was lots of good action shots too! Do you remember this shot when I went to the fire station? It was a lot of fun that day!

This is another one of the great shots that I'm in that made it into the calendar! We made some really delicious things that day! AND, did you see those great aprons the firefighters are wearing?! Those were donated for the day from my friends at Accents Retail in Burleson! AND, for any of you that are local, when the calendar comes out, you can get it from the firefighters in Crowley, OR from Accents!

One last one for today... In case you thought I was the only one who wore a cape... look at all my friends at the firehouse! They are heroes too! AND I got this quick photo of all of them wearing capes that most people never see them wearing! I guess their capes are sometimes invisible too!

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