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Friday, October 21, 2011

DAY 467

DAY 467 pupdate on Tugg: 
We caught Tugg walking around the house singing, "My bologna has a first name..." early this morning. Then, after lunch we caught him singing the same song again. Once again, after dinner he was singing the same song. When we held up the rinds we found yesterday, Tugg looked at us and said, "What are those?" Then he walked around humming that same song...
4 photos today.

I was going to put up some different photos today, but while mommy and daddy were working on photos for my firefighters and me calendar, I saw some photos they took of me and one of my girlfriends! She's a little younger than me, and is a very pretty pitty! So I thought I would share those with you instead! I'll bet you can't tell that in this photo we've got a really good game of Twister going on!

So, we were there at the fire station, and she said, "I can stick my tongue out further than you can!" I said I didn't believe her, and that on the count of 3 we should both stick our tongues out! All the firefighters and everyone was watching, and we gave them a few minutes to make some side bets if they wanted too! You should have heard everyone betting different cleaning and cooking chores, that was pawesome! "OK... 1... 2..."

‎"3!" OMG! There is no way I can compete with THAT tongue! I may be a super hero, but I think I'll stick to contests involving super powers only! Ok, let's see who is going to be cooking and cleaning...

OK since she won, I guess I have to pay up on my part of the bet, so I gave her a Tugg kiss. I think she liked it!

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  1. Tuggy you haz a gorgeous girlfriend! You look as if you are reeling backwards with shock at how good she is at the "stick your tongue out furthest competition"! So funny! Thank you for being so sweet and funny
    Nemo Bull Terrier