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Monday, October 24, 2011

DAY 470

DAY 470 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg spent much of the day tuning his "Quantum Paralleloscope." The QP, as he calls it, examines the scientific theories of quantum physics and multiple universes — which Tugg knows exists, because his time machine once tore a hole in the space/time continuum and he met two alternate reality Tuggs. 
"It's quite simple really," Tugg explained to Ajaxx earlier today. "You see, here, we are utilizing double-split experiment to demonstrate matter and energy can display characteristics of waves and particles."
Ajaxx nodded in agreement and said, "So we're establishing wave-particle duality. Do we have a screen so we can see the alternate dimension?"
"Oh, a screen..."
3 photos today.

Well, I re-potted my Agave cactus plants to their own bigger pots, because the place I wanted to put them by the front of the sidewalk is probably not a good place to put them right now. SO, I put them in bigger pots, that you can see behind me here, so I can get them good and strong before I plant them in the ground next spring!

But since I just put them in their new pots, I have to keep a sharp eye out to make sure no one comes and messes with them! Did you know that Agave are sometimes called the century plant? Some people think that all Agave plants are used to make tequila with, but that's not true. Those are Agave Tequilana, but these plants are Agave Angustifolia. Same family, different outcome if you try it.

I have a big aloe vera plant that is in another pot I want to plant in the spring time. I actually wanted to plant it this year, but with the drought we have been having it was better for it to stay in a big pot so I could really water it. I think these are going to be really cool when they grow up in a few years and get really big! I think I may have to build a green house to put the pots in over the winter, along with my peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers! There just sometimes aren't enough hours in the day!

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