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Friday, December 2, 2011

DAY 508

DAY 508 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg woke up from a nap today to find all of Ajaxx' camping gear gone and a note in its place. The note said, "Tugg, I took the ground map so I could find where I'm going across Canada and to the North Pole, which I saw on the map is in ALASKA! That's the place Yukon Cornelius said has gold. Anyway, I've gone to hang out at the island of misfit toys for a little while, and just see what kind of good vibes they've got going! Stop by and pick me up on your way to North Pole. — Ajaxx" Tugg looked at us and said, "Guess I need to work on converting the time machine into a sled..."
5 photos today.

The nice mail lady came by today — have I mentioned that I get to see her a lot more this time of year, so I really like it when she comes by? Anyway, she brought me my very first roll of DUCT TAPE! It is a VERY cool roll of duct tape that looks kind of like paint splotches! A really good friend, who said they want to remain anonymous, sent it to me! So, THANK YOU anonymous friend!

Also, I was doing some adjustments to a couple of projector fuses on my time machine today. I figured I could use some of my new duct tape to hold a couple of the tubes in place in just the right position. All of a sudden, these two cool little fluff balls popped into space in front of my time machine! They said they know all about duct tape and know some really good things to use it for! Everyone, I would like to introduce you to "T" and "T." T is the red one in the soldier helmet with duct tape on it, and T is the sort-of pink one holding the roll of duct tape.

So, I asked T and T what they used duct tape for in their dimension, and they said they use it for just about everything! They also said it comes in all kinds of cool patterns and colors, sort of like my paint-splotchy kind here! They are kind of addicted to it! They also said it was really nice of my friends to send me rolls of it so I can do a cool project! Then I asked if they have a Tugg in their dimension, and what color cape he wears — just in case I met him when I last opened the cross-dimensional portal...

T and T said they do indeed have a Tugg in their dimension, and that T and T hang out with him a lot! They said their Tugg wears a red cape that has all kinds of shiny things on it. T and T also said that in their dimension, Tugg has a best friend named Elvis — who also wears a costume with shiny things on it! I asked if their Tugg has a Duckie, but T and T didn't know what a Duckie is. I'm guessing T and T are kind of like their Tugg's Duckie!

T and T are going to show me how to make a better and lighter time machine with duct tape — as soon as I get more! I think I'll have to go shopping! Maybe T and T will go shopping with me! That will be fun!

OK, so it's time for today's installment of my Christmas Tale/Poem...

'Twas A Night at Tugg's House!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and over at Tugg’s place,
The time machine was a whirring, and spinning in space.
There were flashes of light and whistles galore, 
With no room for more gadgets, well, maybe one more.
The pups were snuggled in, fast asleep in the beds,
While dreams of cookies and bones danced in their heads.
Tugg tinkered with this and adjusted the that,
And hoped before morning he would get a small nap.

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