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Thursday, October 18, 2012

DAY 830

DAY 830 pupdate on Tugg: 
 Tugg wheeled our bikes out to the workshop and put them up on the mechanics stand. We asked why he was tuning up the bikes today since we were just doing a training ride today.
Tugg said, "No, it's not just any training ride today! We're going to ride to Nicky D's Crowley, so we can have a really good lunch! I think I'll have the grilled chicken sandwich and some onion rings! You do know that they have been voted many times for having the best burgers and onion rings, right!?"
Tugg thought for a minute and added, "You know, they are one of our Team Tugg sponsors! They also said that if any of my friends come in for lunch and mention that I sent them in will GET A 10% DISCOUNT! So be sure to tell everyone to go there for the best burgers around AND get a 10% discount for telling them that Tugg sent you!"
1 photo and 1 illustration today.

                                           Original Art Sketch Card: "Mummy Tugg"
  This is the 9th, and final, of the 2012 Halloween series of 9 original art sketch cards being auctioned this year! The Halloween series is one of the most anticipated set of Tugg Original Art Sketch Cards each year!
  This piece of Tugg original art can be added to your collection, or you can start your Tugg art collection with this card, if you are the high bidder! That's right, this gem, featuring Tugg wrapped up like a mummy, is open for bids! Bidding ends at 6 p.m. Sunday, October 21st, 2012. (U.S. Central Standard Time)
  As with all original Tugg sketch cards, this one comes in a protective acid-free mylar sleeve and in a rigid top loader for protection. Suitable and ready for framing just about anywhere in your home, you will be proud to show this piece off to your friends!
  On the back of this Original Art Sketch Card is the handwritten statement: "This is a genuine, bonafide, one of a kind, authentic, hand drawn Tugg the Bull Terrier sketch card, drawn by artist Blake Ovard" The title of the piece, "Mummy Tugg" also is hand written on the back, along with the designation of 1-of-1.
  Original Art Sketch Cards are about the size of a baseball card, 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.
  To bid on this simply post a comment on Tugg's facebook page www.facebook.com/TuggBullTerrier , with your bid amount. Postage to the U.S. is included in the bid price, for everywhere else in the world, please add $.75 to your final bid to help cover the additional postage. Paypal is the preferred payment option.
  The highest bidder as of 6 p.m., October 21st wins! Good luck!
  As always, anything raised by the auctioning of Tugg original art goes to help rescue dogs!

Today we had a delicious lunch at Nicky D's Crowley! Did I mention that if you go there for some great food and tell them I sent you, that you will get 10% off?! Anyway, after his nap, Ajaxx came up with this really good saying today...

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