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Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAY 837

DAY 837 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg walked through the front door carrying a small bundle. We watched as Tugg went to the living room, whispered something in Ajaxx' ear and headed toward his workshop. Ajaxx rolled over, got off the couch, and went to the workshop too. A few minutes later, Tugg came in to where we were and said, "Where do we keep those little pouches of soft food? I, uh, need one for an experiment."
We told him where they were and waited until he had gotten one and gone back to his workshop. Then we peeked in the door to see what was going on.
There, still wrapped in the bundle, although on the floor now, was a very small border collie eating out of the bowl Tugg had gotten with the soft food.
Tugg and Ajaxx both saw us and Tugg said, "I don't know her name yet, because she is just eating, and she was so weak because she hasn't eaten in a while, so I didn't ask her yet!"
Ajaxx smiled really big and said, "Isn't she cute, eh!?"
4 photos today.

Sharing this again, for anyone who didn't see it when I announced it on Monday:

I just had an idea for a special video project! If you would like to be part of it, all you have to do is take a short video of you (or your doggies, kitties or people or people puppies or whoever you want in it, as long as you include your voice talking) telling me one (or more) of these things:

1) How you first found me, and what you thought.
2) If I inspire you in any way, and how.
3) If I have helped you in any way.
4) What I mean to you.
5) Anything you just want to tell me.

Take a short video (anything under minute is great), and e-mail the video clip to me at my e-mail: tugg@didyaq.com

I need to have the video clips by next week (Let's just say Monday, Oct. 29), in order to get my editor friend to help me put them together, so get out your camera (or phone) and send me a little video!

I wuff you!

Remember yesterday when I told you that you can't help everyone, but that everyone can help someone?! Well, I would like you to meet my someone for today! I don't know her name yet, because I just brought her home today! She is really, really skinny, though you can't really tell in the photos. I don't think she has eaten in a while... so I fed her right away!

Yep, she's really small too! Even though she is about 6-months-old, she only weighs about 6 pounds! That's really small for a border collie at 6 months! I think whatever people left her alone didn't leave any food for her or her sister. Unfortunately, her sister didn't make it, BUT, I'm going to do everything I can to get her better!

Isn't she cute? She is so tiny! But, mommy and daddy said I was really tiny when I first came home too, so she can still grow and catch up to her real size! She doesn't know her name, and I haven't thought of a name for her yet, but I'm sure we'll think of something — and it will be unique like her! Eventually, after I help get her better, she will be available for adoption through www.bcrescuetexas.org ! 

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