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Thursday, November 22, 2012

DAY 865

DAY 865 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg was up early, waking everyone up and getting everything ready, because he had a busy day. First, it was off to the animal shelter to visit the animals there and reassuring them that there are people out there who will wuff them. Then, it was off to deliver a route for Meals on Wheels, and back to the soup kitchen to serve a meal to those less fortunate, and finally, he was back home, setting up a party that totally surprised mommy for her birthday.
After the party, Tugg said, "OK, now that we've got all that taken care of, it's time to go for a bike ride with the whole family, and some of the neighborhood people puppies! While we're out, maybe we can stop by the school yard and get a good game of Thanksgiving football going!"
Ajaxx looked at Tugg, and headed for his spot on the couch. As he was walking away, Ajaxx said, "I was OK with the bike ride, eh, but that whole football game thing might take time away from my nap! So, all y'all go ahead and go. I'll protect the couch and watch football on TV!"
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At this time of Thanksgiving we pause to count our blessings: The freedom of this great country in which we live, its opportunity for achievement, to God for his unspeakable gift and the friendship between you and me. For all of these things, and all the countless other blessings in my life, I am deeply thankful.
From everyone here at my house, our best wishes to you and yours for a Happy Thanksgiving!

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