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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DAY 871

DAY 871 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg called a family meeting this morning, so we all gathered to see what it was he wanted to talk about. Tugg decided that we all need to pose for one of those "family Christmas Card photos" that he really likes seeing this time of year. So, he asked everyone for their suggestions for what everyone would dress as, for what the theme would be.
Bizzy thought for a moment then said, "I think maybe we could all dress like different ornaments, and we could pose in an arrangement that would make it look like we are on a tree!"
Scoop said, "Maybe we could dress like cartoon characters! I call Bugs Bunny!"
Ditto said, "I'm thinking we should dress like everyone who was in the manger scene with baby Jesus! I want to be a wise man though. I don't want to be a camel like I had to be in that play a few years ago."
Ajaxx said, "I think we all need matching sweaters, eh! You know, with like snowflakes or something!"
Maxx said, "Why don't we just dress like ourselves, no special costumes, just us. Then we each get our own, really big bone!"
Tugg thought for a minute and said, "Hmm. I was thinking more like everyone wearing Team Tugg jerseys or t-shirts, but now I'll have to think the other ideas. I'll let you know what I come up with!"
1 photo today.

Did you tell someone that you wuff them, today? Who did you tell!? Who are you going to tell that you wuff them tomorrow!?

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