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Thursday, February 3, 2011

DAY 204

DAY 204 pupdate on Tugg: Since the weather was sooo inviting today (3 inches of ice and temps 10-20 that's -6 to -12 C) Tugg decided it was a good day to stay inside most of the day. He also decided that it might be a good time to practice one of his new favorite tricks — seeing how many toys he can carry in his mouth at any one time. So far, his record is four.
2 photos today.

I was thinking what kind of roles I might like to play on the silver screen, if the opportunity ever came my way. Aside from a gripping dramatic role that could win me an Oscar, or a tender romantic role that would land me on some top 10 list in People magazine, I think a monster role could be fun! I could play one of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park Part 9 — or whatever number they are up to now. Or, I could play Godzilla and I could hucklebutt through a whole stage of miniatures! That would be totally awesome! That is such a great idea, I need to find a producer and take on the project myself! Any directors out there want to take on the challenge?!

This is from my fashion outing the other day. Here, which is more appropriate for today, than the 70 degree temps of when it was tried on a few days ago, I model a very cute yellow rain coat! Notice how I am striking a dramatic pose. That's the sort of moody dramatic role I could pull off for an Oscar!

 OK, here's a bonus photo for tonight... TUGGZILLA!

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