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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DAY 212

DAY 212 pupdate on Tugg: Today was another cold day here in North Texas, with the temperatures not getting above 17 F, and Tugg decided that he only wanted to be outside long enough for a quick patrol around and for a short amount of play time. We also caught him looking at various photos of birthday cakes on the internet.
1 photo, 1 video today.

Yesterday, mommy and daddy brought home another foster kitty that needs our help. Today was the first day that I got to officially meet him — I don't think he really likes dogs... yet! Mommy and daddy said I could be the one to name him, and since I was watching Finding Nemo today, I came up with a great name! I will call him... Squishy! Everyone, meet Squishy the cat! Squishy, meet everyone!

 I know I said I wasn't going to upload the presentation that I have for the school kids, but since a lot of you have asked for it, I decided that it would be OK if I did upload it. So, Here is the video that basically tells my story to the kids. After they see the video, then they get to talk to me and my daddy, and they get to ask questions and stuff.

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