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Friday, February 4, 2011

DAY 207

DAY 207 pupdate on Tugg: Tugg was going to deliver some Meals on Wheels today, but the roads were so bad that Meals on Wheels called everyone off. So, instead, he decided he was going to fly around and make sure everyone was OK. Then he played in his tent fort for a while before working more on his video for his school visit.
4 photos today.

I got some requests to see some photos of me playing in the snow, so I made sure we took some. I had a good time playing by myself out there, but it's always more fun when you can play in the snow with someone else! In this photo, Scoop and I are playing chase. He is running along on the ground, through the snow, and I am flying beside him deciding when I'm going to tag him and he will become, "it."

If you ever wondered if there was anywhere I could just blend in, I hope this answers that for you! Being a white dog, my natural disguise is snow! Now, if you put white snow by the pink garage... Then I will totally become invisible! Am I even in this photo? Oh, yeah, there is my nose, and my eyes, so I must be!

And, while I can blend in with the snow, that doesn't mean some of my favorite bones are safely hidden away! Oh, they think they are hiding under all that white stuff, but look, I can find bones anywhere!

Of course, when you are totally suited to blend in to your surroundings, it makes it easy to ambush one of the other dogs when you are all out playing. In this photo, I use my cammo skills to set up the perfect hit and run for a great game of chase! Playing in the snow is fun, but tiring!

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