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Saturday, February 5, 2011

DAY 208

DAY 208 pupdate on Tugg: While we were out running errands today, Tugg said he wanted to stay home and work on his video for the school kids this coming Friday. When we came home, there was thumping music coming from the house, and Tugg was hucklebutting around to a video he had made of himself in a Packers uniform! Guess he's ready for the big game! He is predicting the Packers win 24-17. He also said he wants to get a cheesehead, but we don't know where to get one around here.
4 photos today.

The sun came out today and started melting most of the ice and snow away. While that sounds like a good thing, it wasn't all good. I made a friend while I was out checking on things... and he wasn't doing so well with the temperature going above freezing.

My new little friend, Snowy, had a scarf and hat on, trying to stay cold, but the sun was really doing a number. I wore my hat and tried to tell him that everything would be OK. I'm not sure that I was telling him the whole truth!

Snowy had put on his brave face, but I think he knew that today might be his last day around. If he makes it to tonight, he'll be OK until tomorrow, but there's now much hope after that. Poor Snowy!

I was really trying everything I could to make Snowy feel better about the rising temperatures. Then I did something I feel REALLY bad about. I leaned over to tell Snowy that it would probably be OK until tomorrow, and I decided to give him a little wuff lick. When I licked him, half his face fell off! I felt so bad! I was trying to tell him it was OK, and there I was licking him and knocking half of his face onto the ground! Poor Snowy. I'll go see if there is anything left of him tomorrow.

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