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Thursday, February 3, 2011

DAY 206

DAY 206 pupdate on Tugg: Tugg put on his little red cape, looked at us, and said, "a super hero has got to do what a super hero has got to do!" Then, he took two running steps and flew away. We thought he would probably just patrol the neighborhood, but then we saw him on the noon news, pulling stranded motorists out of ditches they had slid into because of the ice.
0 photos, 1 video today.

The song from yesterday's video was stuck in my head all day, so I was singing and humming while I did some super hero duties today. It got me to thinking — you know, Discovery Channel, who did the music and ran it as a really cool commercial a year or so ago, also did a follow up commercial several months later. Since they did a follow up, I should probably do a follow up too! So, I guess that means that I need to do part two!
I present to you, "The World is Just Awesome, aka. I Wuff the Whole World Part 2" http://bit.ly/ePR9Ai

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