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Monday, December 24, 2012

DAY 897

DAY 897 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg and Ajaxx were up and leaving the house before sunrise, because the pair are riding around the world with Santa Paws being his helper. Tugg said, "We have to leave early today, because today is tomorrow on the other side of the world, then we come back to today, which is yesterday from over there! And, since we go to everyone's house, we have to be there on the right day, er, ah, I mean, night!"
Ajaxx said, "Yeah, and Santa Paws said that since I have a good voice, I get to be the one that calls out, 'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!' this year, eh!"
2 photos today.

It is Christmas Eve here in Texas! That means it is time for the reading of my Christmas poem! Go ahead, get some hot chocolate, gather all the people puppies — young and old — and continue the new tradition of reading it to your family every Christmas Eve, that we started last year!
Merry Christmas everyone!

’Twas a Night at Tugg’s House

’Twas the night before Christmas, and over at Tugg’s place,
The time machine was a whirring, and spinning in space.
There were flashes of light and whistles galore,
With no room for more gadgets. Well, maybe one more.
The pups were snuggled in, fast asleep in the beds,
While dreams of cookies and bones danced in their heads.
Tugg tinkered with this, and adjusted the that,
And hoped before morning he would get a small nap.
When up in his workshop there arose such a clatter,
We, and all the animals, bound up the stairs with our teeth all a chatter.
One step, two steps, then three and then four,
When we reached the top, we flung open the door.
Ajaxx sat in the corner with a box on his head,
And Tugg fastened the nut on the last screw thread.
The light flickering from the control panel board
Bathed the room in a light none could ignore.
Tugg had packed his bags and suitcases with all of his stuff,
Just in case the journey through time might turn rough.
A trip through the cosmos was high on Tugg’s list,
To help steer the contraption, he needed an assist.
Ajaxx jumped from the corner and hucklebutted around the room,
While Bizzy and Ditto cheered on with shouts of, “vroom, vroom!”
Tugg fitted his cape, a super hero was he,
Ajaxx adjusted his hat and his goggles — eyes wide open with glee.
With a crack, and whiz and a boom and a pop,
The time machine disappeared, and was no where in the shop.
A few moments later in the corner we saw,
Another dog who looked like Tugg, but he was too small.
He was dressed in red and pink from his head to his paw,
And on his shoulder sat a tiny, miniature, rainbow colored macaw.
His eyes, how the twinkled, his smile how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose a heart-shaped cherry!
From another dimension the small dog said he came,
A rip in the fabric of time had caused the crossing of plains.
While he was small his name was Tugg too,
And in his world he led the Christmas band, a band of kazoos.
Suddenly in a flash our Tugg and Ajaxx appeared,
Each dressed in strange clothes and sporting new beards.
“We have presents for all,” Tugg exclaimed,
Then saw the new guest, the guest yet unnamed.
He said, “I’m Tugg from a small alternate plane,
To fix my own time machine, a small wire I need to obtain.”
Maxx and Scoop went the the pile of left over and spare parts,
And brought over a thing with wires and tarts.
The thing with wires fit in a place that started small Tugg’s machine,
And small Tugg jumped in like a small jumping bean.
“Before I go, there’s something you must know,
I thank you, I thank you, so I left you a present, and you can’t say no.”
“Under the tree in the living room below,
You’ll each find your name on a package with a bow.”
And with that, his craft lifted from it’s small hiding place,
And started to whir and spin into space.
But we heard him exclaim as he flashed from sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Tugg night!”

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