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Friday, December 28, 2012

DAY 901

DAY 901 pupdate on Tugg: 
We heard the pitter patter of lots of little feet going down the hall, around the corner and up the stairs. We were sure some of the pitter patter was from the four-leggeds who live here and the fosters who are staying here, but some of the pitter patter also sounded like small two-legged visitors. So, we looked up the stairs, just as the door to Tugg's "Super Secret SuperHero Hideout" shut. We noticed the "boys only" sign was not hanging on the door, so we wondered what Tugg and Ajaxx were up too — with all the dogs and half of the neighborhood people puppies.
So, we crept up the stairs and cracked open the door. Sure enough the hideout was filled with all of the four-leggeds at our house, Mr. Ross, Woody, a few boy scouts, a few girl scouts, some members of a children's choir and some poepl in cycling gear. At the front of the room was Tugg and Ajaxx. Ajaxx was holding up two really big candy canes, and Tugg was animatedly talking.
Tugg said, "AND, did you know that the Grand Candy Cane will come and visit you if you've been good all year long?! Not only do you get presents from Santa Paws, BUT you also get big 'ol candy canes from the Grand Candy Cane! OK, who got candy canes from the Grand Candy Cane this year? Raise your paws!"
There was a little shuffling and a few raised their paws, but most didn't. Ajaxx put down the candy canes he was holding and sat on the sofa cushion on the floor. Tugg sighed and said, "Who has never heard the story of the Grand Candy Cane?!" A few paws went up.
Tugg smiled and started, "Good! Then let me tell you all about the Grand Candy Cane! You see, it all started many, many years ago in this little candy shop that was in a tiny town that was snowed in the day before Christmas..."
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Dream, Act, Plan, Believe and remember to Wuff it Forward!

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