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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DAY 898

DAY 898 pupdate on Tugg: 
We got up early to see if Tugg and Ajaxx had made it back from helping Santa Paws with his rounds, and sure enough, Ajaxx was in his spot on the couch and Tugg was in the dog bed closest to the Christmas Tree — undoubtedly waiting for Santa to bring HIS gifts, even though he had been with Santa almost all night.
The two looked so peaceful, just snoring away, that we gathered all the other dogs and told them we would have to wait for a little while to open presents. So, we all gathered in the bedroom and drank hot chocolate while watching Charlie Brown have his Christmas, then Frosty the Snowman, then the Grinch and finally Rudolph.
Almost at the end of Rudolph, the two sleepy-eyed bull terriers walked slowly into the bed room, and crawled into bed with the rest of us.
Tugg said, "Did you see? Santa Paws came back after he dropped us off, because there are lots of presents under the tree! I sure hope Santa remembered to give me that sub-space, antimatter, polar reverse optimization switch for my time machine I asked for! "
Ajaxx said, "Yeah, that was a lot of fun helping Santa Paws last night, eh, but it will be even more fun opening all those presents! I'll bet there's a hockey goalie set in there somewhere!"
7 photos today.

We had a really grand time at my house for Christmas! Here are two of the fosters at my house, Pipp and Squeek, enjoying some really cool outfits my friends Robin and Ben sent for them! Aren't they pawesome?! They were all set for the holidays!

Here are Pipp and Squeek again, looking so full of holiday cheer in their outfits! I would also like to thank EVERYONE who sent me a Christmas card and/or Christmas photo this year! I wuff you all so much! You have no idea how very special you made Christmas for us! I wish I could thank you all individually, but that list would be almost as long as Santa's naughty and nice list was!

I wanted to make sure to take some individual photos of everyone too, so here is Pipp, right before he opened his present of the giant doggie bone! I think it came from some dinosaur it was so big!

And Squeek was really happy that the Grand Candy Cane left her a big doggie candy cane of her very own! She said she might have liked a bone too, but she can have her candy cane, and then steal Pipp's giant dinosaur-size doggie bone when he takes a nap!

The other foster doggie at our house right now, Dexxter, got some really cool outfits from my friends Robin and Ben too! Here, Dex is showing off his cammo look! Right as I was taking this photo, Dex said, "I make this look good, y'all!"

AND Dexxter also rocked the stripe look today! Dex said he once had a cousin that wore stripes all the time, mostly because I think he was in doggie jail, but his cousin couldn't "rock the look" as good as Dexxter can. Then Dex pointed out that he wasn't even on the naughty list this year, even though he could have been!

Here I am, after I opened my very own Bullseye (not the Marvel bad guy that fights Daredevil, but the cool bull terrier from Target!) I wuff Christmas! AND I wuff you too! Hug someone today and tell them that you wuff them!
OH, and even though Ajaxx got to say it last night in Santa Paw's sled, today I get to say, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Tugg night!"

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