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Saturday, December 29, 2012

DAY 902

DAY 902 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg walked through the house wearing ski goggles and a Peruvian winter hat. When he got to where Ajaxx was napping on the couch, he gently shook Ajaxx until one eye opened. Tugg then handed Ajaxx a matching hat and goggles and whispered something to him. Ajaxx put on the hat and goggles and followed Tugg out the door.
Later, the two returned home, with a large delivery truck following behind. After directing the delivery driver to place all the boxes in the hallway and living room, Tugg and Ajaxx started opening the boxes one by one.
Ajaxx reached in and pulled out a blue, puffy-looking, rolled up sleeping bag, while Tugg pulled out a green one that looked more like a cocoon. Each wiggled their way into the respective sleeping bag and lay still for a few moments. Those two were tossed to the side, and two more sleeping bags of varying colors and thicknesses were tried out. This went on for a long while.
We finally asked what the two of them were doing, and Tugg said, "Well, it started off that we were going to get sleeping bags and go to the mountaineering school in the Himalayas, but then we heard that there are a bunch of people who don't have homes, and live out on the street! Some of them are even people puppies! So we went and got these sleeping bags to give them so they won't be so cold at night! And we're trying them out to make sure they are comfy!"
Ajaxx said, "Yeah, and each time we try one out, we can pretend we're at mountaineering school for a few minutes at a time, eh! That's almost the best of both worlds!"
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