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Monday, December 31, 2012

DAY 904

DAY 904 pupdate on Tugg: 
Tugg was busy in the kitchen and recruited the briards Bizzy and Ditto to help him out — Bizzy, as a natural detail oriented party planner, and Ditto as helper in whatever capacity necessary. Bizzy went to the dining room, and set the formal dining table, complete with place settings, silverware, and name placards of who was to sit where, for the New Year's Eve festivities.
Ditto carried in the cake that Tugg had just finished decorating and asked Bizzy where it should go. Bizzy pointed to the small table in the corner, next to the buffet and said, "On the cake table, of course!" So, Ditto pout the cake on the table.
A few minutes later, Ditto brought in the punch bowl and asked where it was to be placed. Bizzy sighed and said, "On the buffet! Really Ditto, you should know the answers to these questions!"
Ditto kept bringing in other necessary evening meal/party things and Bizzy directed each item to its "proper" place.
While Bizzy was checking on other arrangements, Tugg walked into the dining room, moved the cake from the cake table to the center of the dining table, the punch bowl to the cake table and put the carved turkey on the buffet.
We heard a loud "thud" and rushed to the dining room to see what had happened. Tugg said, "Well, Bizzy was busy being Bizzy and planning a very busy New Year's party atmosphere. I came in and re-aranged it the way I thought it should be, and she said it was HER party, since she is the planner, and I need to switch it all back. I told her I would when it was time for her party, but I want it arranged like this for the PRE-party. So then she said she was having a pre-pre party, and so I said I was having a pre-pre-pre party..."
Ajaxx walked through the dining room, sipping from a straw in a glass with a little umbrella in it, and said, "I think Bizzy fainted when Tugg finally said that he was having a pre-post-pre-pre-pre-post-pre-pre-post-pre-pre-pre-pre party, eh! I think that means one of the parties has started, because I have an umbrella in my drink!"
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