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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DAY 734

DAY 734 pupdate on Tugg: We noticed that Tugg's "someone lost it, I found it" box from his riding in the Mobile Command Unit on our Team Tugg training rides, is getting really full. So full, that it's almost taking up most of the hall now. We wouldn't let him put things he caught with his fishing poll and his magnet in the box — only things he found. It really is amazing what can be found on the s
ide of the road! A sampling of what's in the box: a total of $3.84 in various coins, a 4 gig Star Wars thumb drive, a pirate hat (that looks antique), a pocket watch that has seen better days, a swiss army knife, a Ping 5 iron golf club (that looks new), a University of Texas car flag, three different sandals, four different tennis shoes (all left shoes), several dozen nuts and bolts (which means there are several dozen cars missing them), half a dozen pacifiers, several wrenches, a pair of garden trimmers, a love letter, two novels (Atlas Shrugged and Farenheit 451) a studio microphone, three pairs of sunglasses and a treasure map (which Tugg swears he will use to find buried treasure).
Tugg said, "Pretty soon, I'll have enough stuff to have a yard sale! Then when someone comes and says, 'hey, I lost one of those,' I can give it back to them! Of course I'll know who the shoes belong to because they're only wearing the right one!"
2 photos today.

This is my bike, and helmet just after I got back from my Team Tugg training ride today — after I put my water bottles in the dishwasher! Notice the super cool "Team Tugg" decals on my bike and helmet, and the little bitty one of me on the back of the helmet! BIG thanks to Dali Wall Decals for making them! You should go to their page and show them some wuff!

Of course, a bike helmet always looks better when it is being modeled, so I thought I could show you what I look like as I pedal along... unfortunately, that photo was blurry, so I did this one instead to show you!

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