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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DAY 758

DAY 758 pupdate on Tugg: Ajaxx and Tugg were outside, each in different sports outfits, arguing about something — we weren't sure what.
Tugg said, "Yes I will!" Ajaxx said, "No you won't, eh!" And it went on for about five minutes...
So, we went outside to see if we could settle it. Ajaxx, in his soccer goalie uniform saw us coming and said, "Will you please tell Tugg that it doesn't go that way! 

I'm the goalie and I'll stop the score!"
So Tugg answered, "Please tell Ajaxx that it doesn't go that way! I learned at little league yesterday that I get to hit the ball while I'm on a power play, and I'll hit a field goal! That means I'll score a Home Run Touchdown!"
Ajaxx said, "No you won't, eh!"
So we went back inside...
3 illustrations today.

Original Art Sketch Card: "If I had a Boat"

Original Art Sketch Card: "If I had a Pony"

Original Art Sketch Card: "If I had a Pony I'd ride it on my Boat"

I just posted three new Original Art Sketch Cards, but I wanted to tell you the story behind it!
You see, I was talking with my friend, Lyle Lovett the other day, and I was telling him how much I like his music, and he was telling me how much he likes my sketch cards! Then Lyle said that I should do some sketch cards with one of his songs as a theme!
So, I said, "Lyle that is a p

awesome idea!"
These three cards are based on Lyle's song, "If I had a Boat." The first one is from the first line of the song that goes, "And if I had a boat, I'd go out on the ocean"
The second one is based on the second line of the song that goes, "And if I had a pony, I'd ride him on my boat"
The third card is the based on the last line of the first verse, "I'll sit me upon my pony on my boat."
They would be great as a set, or as individuals, so go and bid on your favorite one right NOW! You don't want to be outbid at the last minute!

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