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Thursday, August 9, 2012

DAY 760

DAY 760 pupdate on Tugg: We came home to find a large piece of paper covering the front of the refrigerator. At the top of the paper was written "Activity Calendar." It was divided into months for the rest of the year, with the months divided into weeks and the weeks into days. On each day was written the name of all the animals in the house, AND our names as well. 
Next to Tugg's name was activit

ies like, "little league practice, life guard at the pool, bike riding training, super hero meeting, protect the city, find magic beans and go on adventure in the time machine."
Next to mommy's name, we noticed things like, "signed up for Zumba, so go to class, and tell Tugg how pawesome he is!"
Next to daddy's name were things like, "Fly a hot air balloon, and tell Tugg how pawesome he is!"
Next to Ajaxx' name were written lots of activities, but most were marked out with a red marker, and the word, "nap" was written in their place...
2 photos today.

I got a few e-mails asking if I had some other photos with me and Ben getting to hang out together at the Stockyards in Fort Worth Yesterday, so I thought I would put a few more up today! Here, Ben and I wanted to see how the bad guys feel when they get locked up, so we put ourselves in the stockyards jail! Jail isn't a good place, so we're not real sure why the bad guys always want us to catch them and send them to jail...

Ben even brought me a special Ohio State Buckeyes bandana! We had a really great time playing in the stockyards! AND, I even whispered to Ben that I was going to let him be the first people puppy member of L.E.A.S.H. (League of Extraordinary Animal Super Heroes)! He was pretty happy about that, but I told him that he couldn't let the grownups know...

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