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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DAY 759

DAY 759 pupdate on Tugg: Ajaxx asked us to go along to the little league practice with Tugg and him, because the coach was taking a day off. Before each play, the teams would huddle so that everyone knew what to do next. During one huddle we thought was going a little long — the people puppies were huddled for nearly 10 minutes — we went out to see what was happening. In the middle of the huddle w
as a map, with various places marked, path lines, and of course a big X.
Tugg was talking as we approached the huddle. Tugg said, "OK, so if we follow this treasure map and start over there at the starting spot, we'll need a sailboat, a dune buggy, a zip line and an elephant to reach the spot where the treasure is buried."
We looked down to the goal Ajaxx was defending, and he was curled up taking a nap. We yelled over and asked if he was going on the treasure hunt, and he said, "I'm going to stay here and take a nap, eh! Besides, they'll be back in a little while when they realize I have the keys to the monster truck they're going to need!"
4 photos today.

Today, I got to meet my friends Robin and Ben! We got to go down to a pretty famous place in Fort Worth, and there was a lot of fun things to do down there! BUT, nothing is as much fun as meeting friends in person!

I think Ben really had fun getting to just hang out with me for a while, and I had a really good time just getting to hang out with him too! Here I am giving Ben a stealthy kiss! I kind of did it sneaky and really laid on on him! I think he liked it too!

We ate some good Bar-B-Q and even rode on some rides together... BUT I uncovered a NEW BAD GUY! Ben and I were walking along, and just looking at all the cool things, when all of a sudden, this evil mechanical horse monster started making a
ll this noise and charging at us! (You can see it in the background of this photo!) So, naturally, the super hero in me took over and I jumped between Ben and the dangerous evil-doer! Then I flew Ben to safety down the way! I'll have to be on the look out for that bad mechanical horse monster in the future!

While we were eating, we got to watch something really cool — a real live cattle drive! There were cowboys that were driving cattle down the street, and into the corral at the end of the street, just like they used to do back in the Old Wes
t days! I wonder if they need any bull terrier super heroes to help them out with that!? I could be a good super hero cowboy! Ben and I had a really fun day, and I hope I get to spend time with him again sometime!

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