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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DAY 762

DAY 762 pupdate on Tugg: We watched as the school bus full of people puppies pulled up to the front of the house. The door opened, and we expected to soon have a lawn full of students visiting with Tugg and Ajaxx. INSTEAD, we saw a line of dogs go out the door, with Tugg in the lead, and Ajaxx bringing up the rear. We called out and asked where they were going, since we hadn't anything about all of the dogs getting on a school bus with all the kids. 
Tugg said, "I put it on the schedule on the refrigerator! This is the field trip that everyone has on their schedule — and one of the only things I put on there for Ajaxx that he didn't mark out and write, 'Nap.' Aren't you coming?!"
1 photo today.

We went on a Team Tugg training ride today, and so I hooked the mobile command unit up to mommy's bike, and away we went. BUT, when we got home, I realized that there just isn't enough room for everything I need on the road, in the MCU. So,
 I modified the MCU! I attached the MCU to the front of our 10-foot trailer! That should give me plenty of room to bring other stuff along! When mommy saw it she said that she doesn't think she can pull that too, because that trailer weighs almost 1,100 pounds. I told her that it really isn't that bad because once it gets moving, she'll never even know it's there! Besides, the tongue weight is less than 300 pounds, so that isn't very much!

Go Team Tugg!

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