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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DAY 749

DAY 749 pupdate on Tugg: We noticed that the window air conditioner was missing out of the garage window this morning, and an extension cord ran all the way from where it was into Tugg's workshop. We went in to make sure that if he was using it, he used proper ventilation, but when we opened the door, we knew the AC unit would never go back into the window in the garage. Tugg saw us come in and sa
id, "Look at what I'm doing with the garage air conditioner! I'm going to modify it to run on solar, and I'm going to attach it to my Mobile Command Unit, so I can go with you on those big bike rides when it is hot! With the, two, four-foot solar panels I install, and the AC unit, it won't add much weight at all! I think it will only add about 80 pounds! That's not to shabby for a solar power air conditioner!"
1 photo today.

I did a new Team Tugg photo today, so I thought I would go ahead and make it my cover! What do you think!?

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