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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DAY 748

DAY 748 pupdate on Tugg: When Team Tugg rode in theTour de Goatneck today, it was determined that the temperatures would be to hot for Tugg to ride in his Mobile Command Unit. When we told Tugg he would have to stay home, he kind of moped for a few moments, then perked up and said, "I guess I can keep an eye on you from here!" While we were on the course, we thought we saw a little white and red streak fly by over head, and sure enough, when we got home, there was Tugg looking at photos he had taken while flying by...
2 photos today.

Team Tugg arrived early to the Tour de Goatneck ride this morning, and as we pulled in, other cyclists looked on to see if I was going to be able to go along in my Mobile Command Unit. Looking at the forecast, it was determined that only mo
mmy and daddy would ride in the ride. BUT, they had LOTS of company! Look at all the riders that rode with them today! I took this right before the starting gun sounded! I think they said there was about 3,000 bike riders today!

AND, here are a couple of secret photos I took of mommy and daddy at the Tour de Goatneck ride today! I don't think they knew I flew by and took these photos with my leash camera! They did really good at the ride and finished in the first group of riders! YAY TEAM TUGG! Just wait until the next ride when everyone gets to wear Team Tugg bicycle jerseys!

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